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제목 [Open Position] Postdoctoral research assistant (Prof. Shanmugam)
작성자 에너지공학전공 작성일 2011/06/24 조회수 1979

1)   Postdoctoral research assistant  


 Positions are available in Applicants with hands on experience on the preparation of nanomaterials and their characterization using standard techniques. Also should have experience to evaluate their electrochemical activity. The term of contract initially for 1 year and can be extended depending on the performance.  



- Major: Electrochemistry or fuel cell
- Ability required:


    * Fundamental understanding on electrochemistry 
    * Fundamental understanding on batteries 
    * Basic English communication skill



2)  Masters and graduate students 


Opportunities exist for enthusiastic and self-driven individuals to undertake exciting research projects on development of advanced electrode materials for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells and biosensors.   Individual with passion for research and excellence in academics may contact by Dr. Shanmugam by email  

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