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Subject 2012-Spring Invited Seminar
Name 에너지공학전공 Date 2012/05/10 Hit 1196

2012-Spring Invited Seminar


‣ Time : Every Thursday at 5PM announced otherwise.

‣ Place : Room#301, Bldg.#2, DGIST

‣ Contact :






March 8

Prof. Jaephil Cho

UNIST, Green Energy

Next Generation Batteries

March 15

Prof. Jang-Ung Park

UNIST, Nano Bio & Chem Eng

Unconventional approaches for flexible / printed electronics

March 22

Prof. Jaeyoung Lee

GIST, Env Sci & Eng

Formic Acid Fuel Cells: Pd based anode catalysts and fuel crossover

March 23

Prof. Sam Park

University of Louisville

Challenges of a Fuel Cell System Integration

March 29

Prof. Yushan Yan

University of Delaware

Clean energy: Flash without flame

April 5

Dr. Tae Hyun Yang


Recent PEFC R&D Status at Korea Institute of Energy Research

April 9

Dr. Jun-Ho Yum

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Recent Progress in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

April 19

Prof. Yong Soo Kang

Hanyang University,

Energy Eng

Recent trend in dye sensitized solar cells

April 26

Prof. Bruno Scrosati

University of Roma

Lithium batteries: from the early stage to the future

May 3

Prof. Hye Kyung Kim

Yeungnam University,

New Materials

Cathode material for solid oxide fuel cell

May 10

Prof. Seung-Wan Song

Chungnam National University,

Fine Chem Eng & Appl Chem

Interfacial reactions at alloy anodes for rechargeable lithium batteries

May 17

Prof. Sung-Soo Kim

Chungnam Natl University, Green Energy Tech

Lithium titanum oxide, the electrochemical properties and structure refinement for high power anode material for Li rechargeable batteries

May 24

Dr. Byungchan Bae


Recent progress in development of high performance hydrocarbon membranes for PEMFC

May 31

Dr. Seungdon Choi

LG Chem

LG Chem's lithium-ion polymer technology for vehicle applications

June 4

Prof. Wei You

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rational Design of High Performance Polymers for Solar Cells: Past, Current and Future

June 7

Prof. Bumjoon Kim

KAIST, Chem Eng

Development of Electroactive Materials for Improving Thermal Stability and Voc in Polymer Solar Cells

June 14

Prof. Wonyong Choi


Solar Energy Conversion and Utilization through Photocatalysis



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